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Professional training in the 21st Century sees us competing against video, the internet and interactive TV. At the moment, though, we still have one major advantage – the human connection. We still have humans in a room looking to learn from us, so we need to have some new technology open to us to compete.

After 25 years of training trainers, I’ve collected all my thoughts, tips and techniques and combined them into this book which will accelerate your learning in the noble art of corporate training.

You’ll find all my experiences in analysing performance objectives of companies, designing training that is active and totally involving, delivery methods that make your day more enjoyable and keep your learner mesmerised with your content and coaching strategies that can help you embed the learning into their jobs to ensure the training sticks. Plus validation methods that show your employers a Return on Investment.

Exclusively I have the Trainer’s Toolbox.

This is a metaphor and isn’t that new or, in fact, modern. It’s interacting with groups of people, using all the senses that is accelerated learning.

The Trainer’s Toolbox holds around 30 or so “tools”. These tools are training delivery methods, activities and exercises which utilise the visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learning senses. Plus the auditory digital i.e. intelligent and challenging. More importantly, every session in the toolbox has been run by me with great success and helps me to continue to facilitate groups of people to learn.

Over the last 5 years, delivering learning has migrated online, today over 50% of my training fees are generated by providing learning online for my corporate clients. This book captures the methods and techniques I’ve been adopting successfully to deliver learning online. Video production, elearning, Virtual Classrooms, Webinars are dissected and examined.

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Pocketbook of Presentation Excellence

As a successful speaker and trainer, I really wanted to put pen to paper to record my speaking experiences over the last few years. I wanted to do this because I sought others to gain immediately from what I’ve learned since I began to speak and train for a living in 1990.

It’s a cliché that we learn by experience, making mistakes and absorb from these, getting valuable feedback from others and observing and learning from the very best in the job. It’s true. This book could knock a few years off your development cycle.

Chapters on handling nerves, planning your presentation, room layout, visual aids, story telling, owning the stage and body language contain countless tips and techniques to assist every presentation you make. Handling the dreaded Q&A will inspire you, starting and ending the presentation will help your message to be remembered and audience participation will allow you to keep their attention at all times.

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