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Welcome to our blog for all trainers of the 21st Century. The blog is maintained by me, Paul Archer, and the intention is to inform trainers, share best practice, new ideas, strategies and techniques so the noble profession of training blossoms. Feel free to comment, add your thoughts and share your ideas.

10 June 2019 0 Comments

Jamie’s Beef Gravy and Modern Training

Poor old Jamie’s had a bad rap recently for his restaurant chain that went down losing millions of pounds, but his recipe for beef gravy is first class. The video on YouTube is very timely. Let me explain. Last winter we treated ourselves to a joint of beef for a Sunday lunch, carefully manicured it […]

1 April 2019 0 Comments

Traits of a Self Directed Learner

What do Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and I have in common? We’re all self-directed learners. I’ve proudly been a self-directed learner since 1994 when I realised that no employer of mine was ever going to provide me with the training and development that I needed to make a success of my fledgeling career. Twenty-five years’ […]

15 October 2018 0 Comments

The Chair – Spatial Anchoring When Presenting

This week I’ve been running a 3 day workshop here in Tehran for 25 people with lots of activities and exercises sprinkled with the occasional piece of delivery by myself. Now I wanted to anchor various positions on the “stage” to indicate to the group what was going to happen next. Its called spatial anchoring […]

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27 September 2017 0 Comments

How to run a quiz to teach a subject

  Many trainers run quizzes or tests during their training courses or at the end to help capture learning and events.  But have you ever run a quiz to actually teach something from scratch? It works, is fun, and I’ve done it many times, so let me share with you how you can do it. […]

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11 August 2016 0 Comments

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a relatively new concept in the field of training and development.  Its strength comes by removing the fear that many individuals have with role play.  It achieves the same goals as role play but removes much of the vulnerability that people feel they have. Your learners are shown a short play in […]

6 August 2016 0 Comments

Work with Obstacles Not Against

As a family man with three children, I know how much more expensive family holidays are during those 6 precious weeks of school summer holidays. Parents who are tempted to take their children out beyond the 6 weeks can be slapped fines of up to £60 per child per parent which can easily amount to […]

28 July 2016 0 Comments

Using Music on Your Courses

I’m often asked about the role of music in the training environment. Does it help, is it just gimmick, is one type of music better than another?  There has been a lot of research carried out into the effectiveness of music in learning – I do believe music has a role in the training room. […]

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22 July 2016 0 Comments

4 Varieties of Quizzes

Question marathon Put people in pairs. Designate one partner “A” and the other “B” Have “A” ask “B” questions nonstop for five minutes, one question after the other.  Questions can be a mix of ones the questioners know the answer to and ones they don’t. Have them make notes of the questions neither “A” nor […]

15 July 2016 0 Comments

Meeting Introductions Done Differently

If you have to run meetings and need to have everyone introduce themselves, then here’s an active and involving way of doing so that doesn’t take long and will set the day up beautifully if you intend to get interactive. Ask the group to come up to the front and form a circle. Introduce yourself […]

15 July 2016 0 Comments

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